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Medical treatments

The assessment and treatment of various conditions such as diabetic foot care, nail reparation or treatment for ingrown toenails.

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Cosmetic treatments

Check out the pampering treatments for your feet! Popular options are foot scrub, foot mask, nail and gel-polish

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General footcare



e routinely take care of our skin and hair but often leave our feet negelected.

Improper footwear, weight gain or a change in the feet position can all cause  problems. Examples are excessive calluses, sores due to dry and cracked skin, fungal nails, corns and ingrown toenails. Cracked skin in the heel area is common and can make it uncomfortale to walk.

Untreated these conditons can not only become painful but may become infected

Prior to your visit at Formosus Pedicure Tilburg, you may worry about the condition of your feet, These are needless concerns as you will be treated in a kind, courteous and professional manner by a trained chiropodist.

We endveavour to make each treatment a pleasant experience, with enough time for questions and advice in which client care is core to the practice.

With regular treatments, discomforts can diminish or even disappear, which makes the initial cost of treatment an investment regarding a healthy outcome in the longer term.

Even if you have no discomforts yet, preventive foot care can help to alleviate or prevent any future foot problems.

A pedicure treatment is part of general body care and is equally suitable for both men and women, feet that have been treated feel refreshed and comfortable again.

Nathalie Intven is a certified Medical Chiropodist, with additional training in Cosmetic Foot Care. Nathalie speaks fluent English which can benefit the communication for clients of different nationalities. She is enthusiastic about her profession and client service, making sure to take enough time for appointments and treatments.

Nathalie works with quality foot-care products and continues to develop with new training, as well as being affiliated to branch department ProVoet.

Hope to see you soon!

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