Medical pedicure treatment


Basic treatment

Pedicure basisbehandeling

Basic treatment:

45 min

A basic treatment (basis behandeling) is a complete footcare treatment that consists of: cutting, milling and polishing the nails, taking care of cuticles, removing excess calluses and cracked skin.

If you also want to treat an ingrowth of the toenails or corns on top of the basic treatment. Then you can opt for the basic treatment-plus (basis uitgebreid). This treatment is completed with a warm towel for the feet and a nourishing cream.

When booking a partial treatment (deelbehandeling) you can choose a targeted removal of a corn or ingrown toenail. Also, you can choose this option for only cutting the nails. This specific partial treatment is only possible for healthy nails without severe thickening.

The partial treatment plus (deelbehandeling plus) applies to a more complex problem or multiple nails/corns where additional time is required.

Nagel repararation:

20 – 70 min

Wilde Pedique Silver Plus is a soft building gel which can restore a fungal or broken nail. This flexible gel adapts to the moving patterns of the feet and will be build onto the original nail untill it grows out naturally.

This soft-gel contains anti-mycosis (anti-fungal) components. It is excellent for repairing torn or chipped nails, so that you will once again have beautiful, healthy looking toenails.

The treatment will be completed with a white tip (French Pedicure) or a color of your choice acchieving a beautifull looking effect.

Nail repair is also very suitable for men, it will be constructed differently so that a natural effect is preserved. The nail repair is available per toenail or as a full set where all toenails are treated.


French Pedicure

Nagel reparatie Tilburg



Ingegroeide nagel Tilburg

Nailbrace Technique:

20-30 min

An ingrown nail can be extremely painful. One method of coping with a recurring ingrowth is to place a nail brace. This technique can be used for convex or ingrown toenails. The purpose of a brace is to return the nails to it’s normal and painless growth.

Various types of braces are possible depending on the shape and condition of your nail. The pulling of the brace gradually lifts the edges out of the side of the nail and helps to ease the pain. The brace can also be combined with the Arkada Technique to achieve excellent results.

It is advisable not to wait too long with these type of problems, the sooner you take steps, the more efficient the outcome of the treatment.

Arkada Technique

An ingrown nail is often a recurring problem. A toenail can disform due to a divergent toe position, incorrect cutting or wearing shoes that are too tight. The Arkada Technique is a corrective procedure for ingrown nails that tackles the problem at the core. It can also prevent the problem from returning.

The treatment is carried out with an innovative instrument, also called “The Cube”. This is a device where the toe is being in positioned and comfortably held in place. This gives the foot specialist both hands free to perform the procedure. The nail will be returned to its original shape as far as possible. It provides immediate relief and activities of the day can be continued right after the procedure.

Ofcourse this is done in a calm manner combined with clear and continuous communication between client and practitioner. Most of the time 1 treatment will be enough, but in some situations a second treatment is advisable in order to achieve an optimal result.

The Arkada method is supported with the TC16 Arkada serum. This serum is applied 10 days before the treatment, which ensures that the nail is softened. This way the procedure is more pleasant for the client. The serum is anti-fungal and antibacterial.

The treatment consists of five phases:



1. Intake (free)
2. Pre-treatment at home with the Arkada Serum. (€ 27.50)
3. The treatment in the practice. (€ 65.00 Provisional promotional price)
4. The after-treatment at home with the Arkada Serum.
5. Check up appointment. (Free)

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